Optional 7th night in Scotland's capital city - Edinburgh!  

Edinburgh's most beloved festival of the year is going on while we are in Scotland.  Catch the creative festivities with this optional add-on night to your itinerary.  Direct flights are available to NYC from either Glasgow or Edinburgh. 

Day 7 - Friday, August 24th 

  • train from Glasgow to Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
  • Afternoon run near the castle 
  • Fringe fest

Day 8 - Saturday, August 25th 

  • fly home from Edinburgh 
  • train or bus transportation to airport 



This optional 7th night is available for the following add-on price to your respective double or single occupancy package:

Double occupancy:  $300 add-on (we will need to make sure we have someone to pair you with for this shared room, which means you may end up switching roommates for this final night).  By then you'll be friends with everyone!

Single occupancy:  $400 add-on (you may also select to switch to double occupancy for this final night, provided we are able to pair you with someone). 


* Please note: This additional night may be selected up until June 15th *

Tour Scotland's capital city - Edinburgh 

Tour Scotland's capital city - Edinburgh